Concentration is hard. Even those of us who have already made it through all the requisite schooling and well into the throes of adulthood find concentration to be one of the bigger struggles in our daily lives. So, while I may be a little late for some of us, why […]

Raising Smart Kids: Sharpen Your Child’s Concentration Skills Without Them ...

  Family Review Center has been serving families and businesses since 2000. It their goal and purpose to connect their viewers with the latest and greatest products to hit the market. was chosen as family friendly and worthy of attention. Here is the review Family Review Center did on Kids […] is Family Review Center Approved

KidsEmail, has been tested and it now qualifies for kidSAFE certification! The kidSAFE Seal Program is an independent certification service and seal program that reviews and certifies the safety practices of children-friendly websites and applications, including kid-targeted game sites, virtual worlds, social networks, PC and mobile apps, web-connected devices, and other similar […] is Now kidSAFE Certified

1 readers have voted and has been voted to get the award for Top Homeschooling Curriculum for 2013—and right in time for the back to (home)school season! We are so excited to receive this award! There are also several other companies that have been named as well, we’d invite you to check […]

KidsEmail Gets an Award as Homeschooling Curriculum & Products for ...