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Review by For This Season

“The boys and I love!  It’s so easy for them to navigate and stay in contact with family and friends.  The boys love checking the iPad for messages and I love how they are practicing all their reading and writing skills without realizing it!” Read more here.

Review by Little Homeschool on the Prairie 

“Overall, I am real happy with This has made my son very happy and I am happy that he can grow up some and spread his wings and learn how to email others. The best part is that I know he is safe from all the junk that is other there on the internet.” Read more here.

Review by Homestead Acres

With this children can draw a picture to send with their email without having to worry about uploading and attaching it.  This makes it so easy for young children and mine have loved emailing me their drawings! Read more here.

Review by ABC’s and Sweet Tea

“I think this is a fantastic option for anyone who wants to give their child an introduction in the world of email. It’s easy, safe, and honestly a good price for your peace of mind” Read more here.

Review by Grace Christian Homeschool

“With the types of security that this email program features, I would even consider allowing my children to have their own email before they turned 13. I really wish we had this around when my boys were younger too!” Read more here.

Review by Farm Fresh Adventures

“ was very very user friendly and I had no trouble at all getting my two boys set up with their email accounts. I appreciated the extensive list of approved settings for their email–which can be individualized, or set for ALL users. ” Read more here.

Review by Counting Pinecones

“Having their own email has been a good thing for them as it has allowed them to practice their language arts and reach out to others beyond our small household and also gives them some independence as they begin navigating the cyberworld.” Read more here. 

Review by Crazy About My Baybah

“When my son log into Kids Safe Email, I don’t worry about what he is going to see or what he is going to accidentally open.   And as he gets older, he’ll still be able to use this same email. And that is a load off my back!” See the full review here.

Review by Momma Young

“It is easy for my daughter to use and looks and runs like any other email just with safety galore…” See the full post here.

Review by Happy Mothering

“Balancing your child’s safety with their privacy can be a difficult task. KidsEmail.Org is making that task much easier for parents with their safe email monitoring service. With this service you can receive a copy of all incoming and/or outgoing email that is sent to/from your child.” See the full post here.

Review by Delightful Home

“My kids have begged me for email over the past few months. My oldest is only 11 , so I didn’t feel she should have an unmonitored account. But my greatest concern was all the spam and other questionable stuff that comes through. I was nervous about what she might be exposed to through her email account, so I said no.

Then I found Kids Email.” Read the full review here! 

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