Sometimes it is difficult for parents to quiet down one child so you can imagine what a teacher has to do trying to keep kids on track. A lot of teachers start shouting or raising their voices in a noisy class but as usual, it doesn’t work. In this situation […]

7 Teachers’ Tips on How to Handle Children

Childhood is fun. We think that the moon is following us wherever our car goes. We do not spit the chewing gum even after we have sucked the life out of it. We pee in the swimming pool. Oops… admitted it by mistake! Being weird without being high on drugs […]

10 Proven Benefits of Yoga for Your Kids

Teaching kids can be tough and a bit challenging for anyone without a background in early childhood education. Your patience will be taken to the limits with all the repetition that you’ll be doing. However, don’t stress, there is a place and time for specific learning. Writing games are less […]

2 Fun Writing Games for Your Kids

Of all of the things we can do to give our kids the best possible start in life, there’s little that’s as important as encouraging both a healthy diet and an active lifestyle. After all, the habits we develop as children tend to stick with us in our later lives, […]

6 Healthy Snacks for your Kids to Take to School

As parents, we often get our children a pet for a variety of different reasons, everything from teaching them about the circle of life to getting them to understand what it means to take care of another life. But animals can also help kids to deal with depression and cope […]

The Miracle Dog Helping Kids With Bullying And Depression

Keeping Kids Active Anyone who’s seen kids on a playground knows that most are naturally physically active and love to move around. But what might not be apparent is that climbing to the top of a slide or swinging from the monkey bars can help lead kids to a lifetime […]

Motivating Kids to Be Active

Traveling with the kids is always fun, but there will come a time when your children want (or need) to travel alone. They may be going away on a school trip or a vacation with friends, or they might simply want to go backpacking and do volunteer work in a […]

Preparing Teens for Their First Solo Trip

  KidsEmail is proud to announce that this year we were chose as a company named “Top Back to Homeschool Resources of 2017” As a big supporter of homeschooling families we are excited to be mentioned as a super helpful tool to use in the classroom. In addition to KidsEmail […]

Back to Homeschool Award 2017

The start of a new school year can feel very daunting for your children. As a parent, you can help them get ready for school and get back into a routine after the summer break. Here’s 9 resources you can use to help your child get back to school ready. […]

9 Resources To Get Your Children Back To School Ready

If you learned about the latest terrorist attack, natural disaster, or political scandal during the news broadcast this evening, chances are that your kids saw it before you did on Facebook, Twitter, or some other social media site. The fact is that kids are using technology like mobile devices, social […]

How Kids are Affected by What They Read and See ...