As a parent, you’ll know that it can sometimes be difficult to get kids to do their homework – after all, they’d probably rather be doing much more fun stuff. But, working hard at school is important for little ones and teenagers too, as it’s going to shape their future […]

Fun Ways to Encourage Kids with their Homework

This is one of the biggest dilemmas facing modern parents. While we don’t want to see our children glued to a screen and neglecting more traditional activities, it’s important to realize that tablets and devices are a large part of life nowadays. Children use them at school, they see you […]

Why You Should Buy Your Child a Tablet

NetSanity is a parental control that let you protect your kids on Apple iOS and Android devices at home and on the go. We love their product and wanted to share the awesome features it has to keep your kids safe: Parental control for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch & Samsung […]

NetSanity Giveaway

We all know that children can get burnt out with the last few months of the school year. Kids of all ages want to take a break from reading goals and the stress of grades. Although, the last three to four months do matter, and they may need a little […]

8 Ways to Keep your Child from Getting Burnt ...

We are thrilled to share with you The CogniToys Dino! This is one toy that is sure to bit a hit with your kids. It’s Wi-Fi enabled, and is designed to learn and grow with your child. Kids can ask it anything from math questions, to tell a joke or […]

Win an Educational Toy Dinosaur Unlike Any Other

In the current digital age, 95% of all teens are online and 80% of them have had various opportunities to share their personal information and create content on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Many of these kids don’t realize the importance of maintaining a positive online reputation. […]

Helping Your Child With Their Online Reputation

Teens want to connect with their friends, and in this current digital age, most of them connect using their smartphones. But a smartphone can be a fun toy and a dangerous instrument. A distraction while in the car can cause serious accidents. An instrument of gossip and cyber bullying, your […]

Security Settings For Your Teens Smartphone

  Do you spend enough quality time with your child? It’s important that your child gets the attention they deserve when they are young. This will increase the likelihood that they will be happier, that they will socialize with other people better, and that they will have a much better […]

How to Spend More Time with Your Child

We love Stephen Joseph! They have some of the cutest kid and baby products we have seen. They are offering one of our lucky readers to choose a full set of “Let’s Eat Baby” You can choose from butterflies or dinosaurs. Each set includes: Bandana Bib Wipeable Bib Sippy Cup […]

Let’s Eat Baby Set Giveaway from Stephen Joseph

I am literally the worst at remembering my passwords, just ask my boss. Time and time again he gets me asking “What is the password for this site, or this one, I can’t remember!” He finally stated that I REALLY need to get a Password Manager. And thanks to Sticky […]

Sticky Password Giveaway