Kids are more in tune with technology and new gadgets than us parents. They may already be using the latest social networking app or are familiar with the latest games while we’re still trying to figure out Facebook and Twitter. The use of smartphones by kids is always a double-edged […]

Smarter Ways to Protect Your Kids through Their Smartphones

For most parents, having their kids play and learn is just part of growing up and there is the belief that they will develop naturally. This may be true, however why not give your kids the best possible opportunity to develop through fun and in some ways exciting activities. For […]

Hobbies that Will Benefit Your Kids

As technology increases from day to day, the importance of putting together an identity theft protection plan for children is a growing concern. Many parents don’t think they need to worry about their children and their identity information being compromised but statistics prove otherwise. Protecting children of identity theft, is a high […]

Do Your Kids Need An Identity Theft Protection Plan?

Etiquette is a code of behavior that defines expectations for social behavior. Children who grow up without learning this important code may not develop important social relationship skills for interacting with others and are at a greater risk of conflict when interacting with their peers. Teaching etiquette and manners starts […]

Etiquette for Kids in The Digital Age

If you have more than one child, you know that siblings don’t always get along. In fact, it is very normal for siblings to not always live in perfect harmony. Here are some simple suggestions on limiting any conflict that may arise. Give your children a chance to solve their […]

Helping Siblings Get Along

You want to spend more time with your child, but you’re stumped. There must be something you can do with your child that isn’t digital-related – right? Cooking is a great skill to have (for boys and girls), and it allows you to spend time with your child. A lot […]

4 Spring Dip Recipes Kids and Parents Can Easily Make ...

With the hectic schedules that most families must accommodate on a daily basis, any calm in the storm feels like the perfect opportunity to unwind with technology. After balancing work, school, sports/dance schedules and every other commitment, vegging out in front of a screen just feels cathartic. The urge to […]

Benefits of Gardening for Kids

I was raised in a house where I was expected to do chores every Saturday. It was part of our weekend routine. All of us pitched in and knew that once the chores were complete the rest of the day would be a time for play or to go on […]

Kids Can Be Huge Helpers

According to the website, their parental resource page highlighted this horrific topic by calling out cyberbullying as “social terrorism by technology.” While our societies general rule of thumb states we don’t negotiate with terrorists, what are parents to do when it comes to this type of traumatic experience? Back […]

Learn About Cyber Bullying & Stopping This Vicious Cycle