These days, there’s no denying that we live in a very high-tech world. Even our children spend hours a day accessing the internet from smartphones, tablets, and home computers. Bark recommends a technology contract as a terrific way to bring the family together to create and understand the rules around […]

Create a Technology Contract With Your Child

Getting regular daily exercise is of course a fantastic thing because it is the number one way to stay fit and healthy. The problem with many types of exercise is that they force you to do them alone and they don’t work well in team settings. Sure, you can lift […]

8 Benefits of Team Sports That Will Have You Teaming ...

“If you really loved me…” That is what led twelve year old Michaela Snyder to engage in sexting with her crush who was also in the same grade. The boy was issuing threats that he would end the relationship if she didn’t send him intimate pictures. After talking with her peers and […]

Starting the Conversation- Sexting and Your Teen. Guest Post ...

In today’s world, it is more important than ever that a child understands the importance of saving energy from a young age. Getting your kids involved will not only reduce both your carbon footprint and your energy bill but also educate your children on the importance of doing these things […]

How to Get Your Kids Involved in Saving Energy

Washing your hands is probably something you don’t even think about. It’s one of those tasks you just do, or sometimes do. And although it’s a brainless process, surprisingly a recent Michigan State University found that 95 percent of people don’t wash hands long enough to effectively kill germs. I […]

Teaching your Kids the Right Way to Wash Their Hands

What are your kids doing this Summer? For many of us Summer time with the kids is a time to enjoy the outdoors, the sunshine and if you’re lucky the ocean. As much as kids love Summer holidays, keeping them busy can be a real chore! If you’ve not got […]

15 Summer Activities to Help Your Kids Appreciate Nature

We are happy to report that Kids Email works great with Kindle and Amazon FreeTime! It’s a great way for your kids to have an e-mail and stay connected with friends and family. If you would like your child to have an e-mail account, you can sign up here. We’ve […]

Amazon FreeTime and Kids Email

Do you recall the thrill of earning a sticker on a perfect assignment in school? Many of us loved seeing those gold stars teachers would hand out. At face value, these stickers validated our hard work and effort, but this incentive system might have been harming our intrinsic motivation. In […]

Pamper your Children the Right Way

The few weeks that the children are off over Summer is daunting for every parent. However, there really are things you can do with them that aren’t too costly and still fun for all ages. Take turns with your friends to have their children so that you get a day […]

Entertaining the Kids Over Summer

Reading with your kids isn’t just about telling them stories.  It teaches them valuable lessons and stimulates important conversations, all while bonding.  In fact, many adults bond by reading fiction to one another, and for kids, these are some of their first bonding experiences!  Older children can benefit from being […]

Books to Read Aloud to Your Kids