The few weeks that the children are off over Summer is daunting for every parent. However, there really are things you can do with them that aren’t too costly and still fun for all ages. Take turns with your friends to have their children so that you get a day […]

Entertaining the Kids Over Summer

Reading with your kids isn’t just about telling them stories.  It teaches them valuable lessons and stimulates important conversations, all while bonding.  In fact, many adults bond by reading fiction to one another, and for kids, these are some of their first bonding experiences!  Older children can benefit from being […]

Books to Read Aloud to Your Kids

Summer is almost here! We all know that no school equals bored kiddos. That is why making a summer bucket list of reasonable goals is a great idea! It will give them something fun to look forward to, and you, the parent, will be held accountable to do things this […]

50 Ways to Bust Boredom this Summer

With the rise of technology, an appreciation for reading has faded from quite a few kids. Children these days seem to be more concerned with their tablets or smart phones. Which is not a bad thing, if they are used properly. Many people need to learn how to balance learning […]

5 Ways to Help your Child Gain a Love for ...

I have two children that were getting ready for Back to School.  New clothes, shoes and school supplies were needed to start the new school year off right. As many parents know, Back to School shopping can be expensive, so we decided to budget this year. When my kids were […]

Teach Your Kids How to Budget for Back to School

Kids are more in tune with technology and new gadgets than us parents. They may already be using the latest social networking app or are familiar with the latest games while we’re still trying to figure out Facebook and Twitter. The use of smartphones by kids is always a double-edged […]

Smarter Ways to Protect Your Kids through Their Smartphones

For most parents, having their kids play and learn is just part of growing up and there is the belief that they will develop naturally. This may be true, however why not give your kids the best possible opportunity to develop through fun and in some ways exciting activities. For […]

Hobbies that Will Benefit Your Kids

As technology increases from day to day, the importance of putting together an identity theft protection plan for children is a growing concern. Many parents don’t think they need to worry about their children and their identity information being compromised but statistics prove otherwise. Protecting children of identity theft, is a high […]

Do Your Kids Need An Identity Theft Protection Plan?

Etiquette is a code of behavior that defines expectations for social behavior. Children who grow up without learning this important code may not develop important social relationship skills for interacting with others and are at a greater risk of conflict when interacting with their peers. Teaching etiquette and manners starts […]

Etiquette for Kids in The Digital Age