As parents, we know that it’s the same routine every school holiday. Your child comes home and falls victim, surrendering their consciousness like a digital zombie. In fact, they can be so wrapped up in playing video games, streaming content, and texting their friends, that they forget about the most […]

Encouraging Kids to Enjoy a Screen-Free Holiday

The family vacation is a huge part of many people’s childhood memories. When you think back on your younger years, it is likely that some of the fondest memories, and the ones that stick out to you the most, are the ones that you made when you went away from […]

Why Family Vacations Are Important

Injuries can be terrifying. They can hurt your belief in yourself, and they can take a long time to recover from. Some might even cause a lifelong disability. That is all true for anyone, but when you are a parent, your worries are compounded. Being a good parent – especially […]

Four Ways to Manage an Injury and a Busy Family ...

Have you always wanted to look like one of those immaculately dressed moms at the school gate, but never seen to quite pull it off? You’re not alone! In fact, most busy moms are rarely able to roll out of the door in the morning looking anything more than clean […]

How to Dress Well as a Busy Mom

Their surgery coming and going doesn’t spell the end of the health care that your child needs. Even after their procedure, their need to be looked after and tended to, and it’s down to you, as their parent, to make this is the case. If you ever find yourself having […]

Caring for Your Child After They’ve Had Surgery

We a€™re delighted and honored to announce that we have won the Best Homeschooling Programs & Resources of 2018-19 award from With hundreds of nominations and rigorous criteria to win, we are deeply grateful for this recognition and remain committed to the homeschooling community for yet another year. See […]

Best Homeschool Programs & Resources of 2018-2019

As you welcome your second baby, you’re likely to have mixed feelings and concerns about how the change will impact you and your family. The good news is, with careful preparation and planning, you can ease the transition from one child to two, helping your child foster a positive reaction […]

How to Welcome Your Second Baby

Buying presents for teachers is a honored tradition in Britain. After all, teachers work very long hours, with unpaid overtime being the norm for many, looking after and educating our children. The chance to give a little something back is therefore a very important one. However, choosing the right gift […]

6 Presents for Your Kids’ Teachers That Never Fail

  I emptied my spam folder yesterday. All 500+ messages. This morning I logged in and I’m blessed (insert sarcasm) with another 114 spam messages.   They are quite ridiculous! Not only in amount but content: Sara has replied with a private msg (84 more pics) View Nudes Here, baby […]

Spam Free Email, Yes this DOES Exist!

Raising a young family is a huge undertaking. There are so many demands to keep up with, so many chores to complete, and so many plates to keep spinning. If you are concerned that your family situation is jeopardizing the relationship that you share with your partner, it is important […]

How to Enjoy a Quiet Evening with your Partner