Phaedra Stockstill

Cyberbullying is Real
Street bullying occurs when a child or group of children intentionally harm another using verbal threats, intimidation, and/or physical violence such as hitting, biting or kicking. Street bullying often begins in early childhood: think of the youngster who stakes claim to the sandbox and all its contents using aggressive behavior […]

Street bullying is a Reality ~ Cyber bullying is a ...

Kids & The Internet: The Benefits Today’s iGeneration (teens and middle-schoolers) are internet savvy thanks to the existence of online gaming sites, virtual worlds, forums, message boards, online communities and social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Kidssocialnetwork, Club Penguin, Moshi Monsters, Togetherville and Everloop. While access to these sites […]

Benefits of the Right Social Media for Kids

With kids spending more and more time socializing online, the lure of peer pressure to visit social media websites has become difficult to resist. Exposure to offensive content, violent images, racist or hate material, contact with pedophiles and cyber-bullying are a few of the potential risks for children if their […]

Who are the Children’s GateKeepers?

Did you know that some College Admission Boards check Social Networking Sites when they vet a student before they make that final decision to accept or reject their college applications? Hopefully this fact does not surprise the majority of our readers. According to a Survey conducted by the Kaplan Test […]

Some College Admission Boards Check Social Networking Sites

The Internet has an awesome amount of information, however, it also contains material and websites that are not appropriate for children to view.  Let alone stumble upon it when they least expect it. Here are some statistics you need to consider: The Kaiser Family Foundation found that among teens online, […]

Would you like to have a Safe Internet for your ...

Recently, we have seen news reports on how some of the X-Factor contestants were the object of CyberBullying.  This just goes to show that CyberBullying can happen to anyone.  Be it your average Child in your hometown, your own children, or someone who is in the News.The most important thing […]

CyberBullying Can Happen To Anyone ~ The X Factor Incident