Phaedra Stockstill

Etiquette is a code of behavior that defines expectations for social behavior. Children who grow up without learning this important code may not develop important social relationship skills for interacting with others and are at a greater risk of conflict when interacting with their peers. Teaching etiquette and manners starts […]

Etiquette for Kids in The Digital Age

In the current digital age, 95% of all teens are online and 80% of them have had various opportunities to share their personal information and create content on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Many of these kids don’t realize the importance of maintaining a positive online reputation. […]

Helping Your Child With Their Online Reputation

Every since the World Wide Web has been available, there have been people who use it to prey on others.  As a parent, you are aware of the growing risk to your children’s safety when they are using the internet.  Therefore, it is the parent’s duty to learn how to […]

5 Guidelines to Discuss Safety on the Internet with your ...

A well-designed search engine for kids will have a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate, appeals to children of all ages and most importantly provides an environment where they can safely surf the internet. Search engines for kids are specifically designed to restrict the results returned from a child’s […]

Safe Search Engines for Kids

Kids have it rough these days.  Before the advent of computers, the only bully your children had to worry about was on the school playground, walking home after school or on the bus.  This situation was dealt with swiftly and ended the bullying quickly. That is not the case in […]

CyberBullying: Guidelines for Parents to Openly Communicate with their Children

  Most parents have been running around the electronics stores purchasing the latest and greatest electronic gifts for their children’s Christmas Wish List. You probably cashed in on some of the smoking hot deals during Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Now as you sit down at the dining room table […]

7 Parental Guidelines to Keep Your Children Safe Online

Children and Cyber Crimes
With over 45 million children ages 10 – 17 using the internet, only 52% of parents are moderately supervising their children’s online activity, leaving a window of opportunity for internet predators to take full advantage of the lack of responsible adult supervision. Online predators are not only internet savvy but […]

Protecting Your Children From the Lure of Cyber Crimes

Technology dominates our everyday lives. It’s with us from the time we go to bed at night to the moment we wake, from cell phones to the internet where blogs, social networking and instant messaging are ‘on’ 24/7. These advances in technology allow immediate access to information and the likelihood […]

Cyber-bullying: The Truth Behind the Shocking New Internet Trends by ...