5 Tips To Transform Your Teen’s Bedroom into a Space You’ll Both Love

As your kid transitions from child to teenager, they — and you for that matter — experience a whirlwind of change. As their personalities and lifestyles undergo these changes, so should their bedroom. 

Completing a makeover to your teen’s bedroom will help to better reflect their growth and accommodate their maturing identities. Here are some tips for transforming your teen’s bedroom into a curated, thoughtful space fit for a young adult:

1. Style Refresh

In the design process, it’s important to first identify the room’s intended theme, color scheme and layout. With that in mind, talk with your teen about the style they have in mind for their room. Do they prefer a space that’s light and serene, bold and colorful, aesthetically trendy and hip, or dark and moody? If they aren’t sure which style they’re most drawn to, dive into some Pinterest or Instagram research and find examples of rooms that inspire them. 

HGTV also has some fantastic ideas for trendy, hip and beautiful teen bedrooms. Indeed, identifying a motif that will interest your teen in the long term is key. It’s also an important first step to make in the design process, as you want their room to be cohesive and attractive. 

Additionally, consider the basic layout of your teenager’s room and map out where major pieces of furniture should be placed, where accessories should live and how to make the most out of the available space. 

2. Statement Decor

Once you and your teen have settled on a theme, begin to compile statement decor that will make the room more interesting. Oftentimes, you can find great pieces at thrift stores or small boutiques that add a unique flair to the room. 

Whether it’s an antique lamp, vintage Turkish rug, geometric sculpture or large canvas painting, gather a few special items that will make an impact. Some essential statement items you should consider integrating into the space include lighting features, personal art and window features.

3. Updated Bed

As your teen grows, their bed should grow with them. That means opening your wallet and buying your teen a proper bed that’s either a full or queen size. Let them pick out their bed frame and bedding in order for them to have a sense of ownership over their furniture, which will motivate them to keep their bed tidy and made. 

Now, the mattress is one of the most important elements of your teen’s bed. With a high-quality mattress from a retailer like Jerome’s Furniture, your teen will get a good night’s sleep every time their head hits the pillow and have enough energy to pursue their dreams. 

4. Intentional Functionality

Once you have the furniture in place, begin to think about how the space will support long-term functionality. As such, help your teen keep their room organized with small storage bins that will help them strategically store their clothing items and accessories.

When you ensure everything has an intentional space, your teen’s bedroom is more likely to remain clean. You should also consider additional, functional elements like placing a phone-charging station away from your teen’s bed and where to carve out a space for them to do their homework.  

5. Space for Personality

While you want your teen to have a well-designed room, there should also be space dedicated to bringing out their personality by including things that are sentimental and important. Create zones throughout the room, where your teen can hang pictures of their friends, create a mood board, or store their keepsakes. This can be achieved by hanging some string and clothing pins for a photo wall or installing a bulletin board.

Turn Your Teen’s Dated Bedroom into a Dream Space

With these tips, you and your teen can re-imagine their room and turn it into their dream space. Through collaboration and creative thinking, the two of you can come up with something you both love!

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