How to Dress Well as a Busy Mom

Have you always wanted to look like one of those immaculately dressed moms at the school gate, but never seen to quite pull it off? You’re not alone! In fact, most busy moms are rarely able to roll out of the door in the morning looking anything more than clean and passable… and there is nothing wrong with that! However, there are some days when we need to look our best, whether it is for an important appointment, a get-together, or just because we feel like it. If you are looking for some tips on how to dress well as a busy mom, this guide gives you some tips.

Practical Style

If you have to do the school run and the food shopping before heading off to your part-time job, you need clothes that are both practical and stylish. While some women may be able to rock the stilettos all day, most of us will be hobbling by tea time.

Go for quality fabrics that will withstand the rigors of a modern mom’s lifestyle; after all, a busy mom can never have too many pockets! Shoes and boots that are comfortable as well as stylish are a must.

Go for core items that can be worn in different ways. For example, tunic tops are flattering and can be worn over leggings or skinny jeans. Long cardigans are cozy as well as stylish and flatter a curvy body shape, and oversized button shirts are great for when you want to feel a bit smarter, but still need to move freely.

Get a Good Bra

So many women are out there with poorly fitting bras that it is no wonder, so many of us suffer from back problems. Having the right support is essential to keep you feeling comfortable, especially if you are running around after active kids. It is worth getting properly measured to make sure you get the right bra size, or plus size bras if you need one.

Investing in a good bra not only flatters your shape and gives you a lift where needed, but it boosts your confidence too!


A few cool accessories can ramp up any outfit to make it more stylish. Get a few cotton scarves in different colors or prints, and learn how to tie them in different styles to change the look. A cute hat will help to keep your hair tidy on bad hair days, or if it is windy outside. You can get a new look for any pair of jeans just by adding a belt in different colors and styles.

Dressing well doesn’t mean you have to swap being comfortable for style, but step away from those jogging bottoms unless you are heading for the gym, mamas! Get a few core wardrobe items that you can mix and match to get different looks, and make sure that any item you buy is practical as well as stylish, and you can have the best of both worlds!

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