Best Tools to Improve Your Kid’s Writing

Children are always creative. Children are going online at younger and younger ages – in fact, the fastest growing segment of Internet users is now pre-schoolers! Many kids are using the Internet at school by six years of age. If you see the future of writing for your child you can give them a head start by providing great resources and tools.

There are various tools available online which can improve your kid’s writing. Needless to say, it is not too easy to teach such a younger child to write. There are plenty of kids, though, who don’t like to write. They may be very good at it but they’re so uncomfortable writing that to pick up a pencil and a pad of paper for the fun of it just never enters their mind. This can often lead to problems in school, as well, since so much of their schoolwork involves writing.

At the heart of the matter, whether you have a child who likes to write or one who struggles with every assignment, is a parents’ ability to be supportive and creative in finding ways to either enhance the joy of a young writer or to entice the one who does not like to write to give it more of an effort. Today, I am going to provide some of the best tools to improve your kid’s writing.

Discovery Putty

Handwriting is a very important factor to start writing. If you are worried about your kid’s handwriting, then Discovery Putty can help you in this case. There are six different sets you can use to improve your kid’s writing based on his/her age. Among them, the Dino Dig set is ideal for the weak and new learner.

Egg-Ohs Pencil Grips

To start writing, it’s important to grip the pencil perfectly. If you want to improve your kid’s handwriting, then it Egg-Ohs Pencil Grips is the best tool for children who may over-flex their joints due to increased pressure while writing.

Letter School

It is a mobile application that helps your kids to learn to handwrite with a fun and enjoyable process. Here, your kids can learn to write and improve their writing through intro, Tap, Trace, Write 4 stages, while playing games.

JumpStart Essay Writing Activities

If your kids want to learn writing from online then, essay writing on random topics will be primary steps for that. This online tool covers the best essay writing features and techniques to improve your kid’s writing. Your kids can improve their skills by practicing some worksheets provided by the website.


This online tool is one of the great resources to improve your kid’s writing with effective ways. There are some great tools available on the website which can improve your kid’s writing fast. Moreover, there are different stages to teach your kid to improve writing based on different age groups. You can use some of the most effective tools they provide: Organizing and summarizing; writing and Publishing Prose; Writing Poetry, and Learning about Language.


This is another effective tool that can encourage your kid to write more and more on different topics.  If you provide your kid with some of the best online journals, then your kid can see different writing styles on them and learn from these. I have listed some journals for your kid to improve his/her writing skills:

• Mad Libs and Mad Libs Junior

• Write and Draw Your Own Comics

• The Blank Comic Book For Kids.

• Journal of Awesome

• The Choose Kind Journal

• Me:  A Compendium: A Fill-In Journal For Kids

Hemingway Editor

It’s another great tool for improving your kid’s writing skill. Hemingway Editor provides great support to write in a proper way. If you want to teach your kid to write essay, then writing in UK editor can help you most. It helps your kid to understand the facts about proper word usage, how to avoid using complex words and how to make any sentence readable based on your kid’s grade. The main feature of this editor is that it will help your kid to have readability score to submit his/her assignment or homework to school.

Bottom Lines:

Dear parents, in order to help the young kids to develop their writing skills, you are reminded to take a positive approach. You need to bear in mind that writing skills can be introduced when the children are at the age of six.

Never ever underestimate young kids. They can express their messages accurately if you guide them in a proper way. What you should do is to assist your kids to focus on the content. Start building their confidence and encourage them to write more. Don’t focus on their mistakes.

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