Relaxation and Meditation Tips for the Busy Mom

We all know life gets busy and we make sacrifices of our personal wants and needs. While putting needs of others first is practical and necessary at times to keep our families functioning, too often this mindset causes us to avoid self-care. That might not sound too detrimental, but we are finding this tendency can lead to burnout, anxiety, health problems, exhaustion, psychological distress and more.

But, we don’t have to accept the fate of the frazzled mother!

Research is finding relaxation and meditation can help busy moms cope with the demands of life. Unfortunately, the thought of adding one more to-do on our unending lists that fill our busy days make this task seem monumental and practically impossible. After all, we literally can’t add more hours to a day. Thankfully, however, with a few mindful choices and creative thinking we can reclaim a few minutes for beneficial “me time” to naturally relax and regain our sanity.

Please scroll through the following relaxation and meditation tips for busy moms:

Schedule “me time” on the calendar.

Whether you are in the first months of motherdom or navigating the teen years, every mom, the novice and seasoned, have a difficult time fitting in alone time. Make relaxation and meditation a priority by penciling or scheduling time for self-care so you don’t forget to slow down and care for yourself among all the appointments, chores, activities, and obligations. This will ensure you get an opportunity to recharge and take care of yourself.

Keep it simple- just breathe.

Relaxing and meditating shouldn’t cause you more stress. Remember, you don’t need to spend a lot of time, fork out a lot of cash, or purchase special equipment. During the day, take time to focus on your breathing or clearing your thoughts. This can happen anywhere or anytime. For example, just breathe deeply while doing the dishes, changing diapers, or folding the laundry. This is a great relaxation and meditation tip for any busy mom, because we can breathe anywhere to regain feelings of calm and focus.

Designate an area just for relaxing and meditating.

For many of us, we often resort to desperate attempts to sneak in some much needed alone time. While hiding in the bathroom or pantry from the kids might seem like a viable option, we can do better. Designate one spot in the house that is just for you. Ideally, find a secluded room or nook that is void of wayward toys and power down distractions (phones, televisions, radios, etc.)  to create a sanctuary for yourself. Utilize soft fabrics, cozy furnishings, scented candles, flowers, noise cancelling headphones, and calming hues to maximize the relaxation quotient. Use this space to take a breather, journal, read, meditate, or nap to reduce stress.

Let technology help you on your journey.

Many of us assume that we need gym memberships or pricey yoga classes to help us learn to relax. While those are nice, it’s not always practical for a busy mom to sneak off or justify expensive classes. Instead, look online for free yoga instructional videos, guided meditation podcasts, and other resources to help you find appropriate ways for relaxation and mediation.

Soak away stress with a home spa.

It’s not realistic for us to drop everything and run away to the spa whenever we feel stressed or have a bad day. For “those” days, weeks, and even months, we can gather our favorite candles, bath products, lotions, flowers, and soothing playlists to bring the spa to us- while our kids sleep or watch cartoons in the next room. For added effect, pamper yourself with traditional spa treatments, such as: facials, pedicures, or use gemstones and crystals to activate healing properties.

Embrace the moment.

It’s hard not to get stressed out when you are a busy mom. So, instead of getting swept away with chores, to-do lists, and demanding children, slow down and refocus your energy on the activity you are doing at the moment. The grocery list, dirty dishes, laundry, yard work, and emails will still be there, so give yourself permission to enjoy this moment. Even if it is making dinner or picking up spilled blocks with your son or daughter, these little moments are precious and can be a wonderful time to bond with our family. Focusing on the now can reduce the tension of jumping from task to task. 

What relaxation and meditation tips for the busy mom can you share?

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