Four Simple, Pretty Hairstyle Ideas for School

When you get your little girl ready for school in the morning, doing her hair is probably a big part of the process. School hairstyles need to look smart along, with being practical, and as a mom or dad, you’ll want to pick a style that’s quick and easy for you to do during the morning rush. We’ve put together some cute, quick and effortless hairstyle ideas that your little girl will love wearing to school.

#1. Donut Bun:

You can find hair ‘donuts’ for making quick and easy buns at any drugstore or even at the health and beauty section of your local grocery store. To make the bun, simply put the hair in a ponytail and place it through the middle of the donut. Then, wrap the ponytail around the outside and fix in place with bobby pins. Finally, lock in place with a mist of hairspray to keep the bun firm and secure all day long. For a cute and girly look, get smaller donuts and make two ‘pigtail’ buns. Any excess hair can be braided around the bun to help hold it in place.

#2. Braids:

Braids are a traditional school hairstyle since they’re so easy to do and are great for keeping long and unruly hair out of the way all day long. The list is endless when it comes to the hairstyles you can put together using braids! For a quick, easy fix, one long plait is a smart look for school, whilst two braided pig-tails never fail to look cute. A French braid takes a little more time but is worth it for a smart, elegant look. For a hairstyle that will last a while, box braids are the perfect solution to tightly curled hair – get more box braid hairstyle ideas at My New Hair Styles.

#3. Ponytail:

Timeless and classic, the ponytail is everyone’s go-to hairstyle when time is of the essence. But, ponytails don’t have to look rushed. One way to turn a ponytail into a stunning look is to simply wrap a section of hair around the hairband and hold it in place with a bobby pin and hairspray. Or, if your girl has long, thick hair that’s prone to falling out of ponytails, divide the hair into two sections at the top and bottom and hide a smaller ponytail underneath the top one. This trick will keep her ponytail high all day.

#4. Half-up half down:

If she likes wearing her hair down but needs to keep it out of her face, then a half-up-do style could be a pretty and practical solution for school. Start by sectioning the hair off around the face and gather the top layer into a ponytail before securing with a cute bow. Or, gather the top layer of hair into a small bun – use a small donut if desired – and secure with bobby pins, a hair tie, or a scrunchie.

What’s your ‘go-to’ hairstyle to send your little girl to school with? Let’s hear your ideas in the comments!

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