5 Ways to Help your Child Gain a Love for Reading


With the rise of technology, an appreciation for reading has faded from quite a few kids. Children these days seem to be more concerned with their tablets or smart phones. Which is not a bad thing, if they are used properly. Many people need to learn how to balance learning and play-time in a at home setting. Reading is one way to help preserve a child’s imagination, expand their vocabulary, and teach them basic morals that will help them with life.

1.Visit your local library

A love for reading can only start when a child has access to books. A library setting is typically a fun one. Normally the children’s section is full of bright colors and games. Most libraries will have themed parties or reading challenges. This will help them have something to look forward to. Taking them to the library can also be a special bonding time between the parents and child. Little ones tend to copy their parents (Monkey see, monkey do!), so if a parent displays interest in books the child will most likely follow.

2.Make sure they are reading challenging material

Keep an eye on what they are reading. If your child is in third to fourth grade you may want to help get them into reading bigger chapter books. Anything from Diary of a Wimpy Kid to Harry Potter will cause a ton of giggles and enjoyment. Make sure your child knows there is exciting reading material far from the Bernstein Bears (Although, those books are great for when your little one is beginning to read).

3.Keep them reading at home everyday

Most teachers will tell the kids that they should read at least 20 minutes everyday, and they’re totally right! Reading at home will give them a chance to get involved in reading outside of what they are required to do in school. It is also important to have children read during the summer! It makes sure that they don’t fall behind during the long break.

4.Take them book shopping

Shopping for books can be a fantastic experience for anyone who remotely loves to read. There are only a few things more exciting than picking up a new read. Book fairs are also a great experience for kids. Send your child to school with a few dollars and let them show off their new reads. Buying books can also let them find reading material that may not be in their library.

5.Make sure they are learning sufficiently

There isn’t a single child nor adult that loves to do something they struggle with. Make sure you become aware of their reading level and possible school reading-goals.Talk to a teacher about making accommodations for the child if they are struggling.

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