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It’s not easy raising kids. Although you love them, there are a lot of challenges to encounter along the way. One area that often needs to be addressed is self-confidence. It’s part of their growing pains and a topic that can become all too relevant well into adulthood.

The good news is that there are ways you can help early on to hopefully get your son in a position to feel self-assured and succeed. It may get rough over the years as he grows and develops, but keep trying. You never know what will stick with him. See how to help boost your son’s confidence.

Talk to him

Your best place to start is to sit down and have a conversation with your son. Ask about what bothers him about himself or in life. Dig deep to uncover pain points and areas that you can help him work on. Let him know that he doesn’t have to do it alone and that you’re there to help him build his confidence. After your talk, you both may realize that there are areas to address that neither of you thought were bothering him in the first place.

Love & Praise your Son

You love your son, and it’s important to let him know it as much as possible. Be vocal about your support and how much you care about him. Use various opportunities like when he’s doing well or needs a boost to offer unconditional love and let him know that you always have his back. Life gets busy, and it’s easy to forget to look each other in the eye and state how much you love the other person. These gestures and exchanges help build confidence and reassurance that you’re capable of anything, which is just what your son needs. 

Grant him some Independence

While age and situation matter here, as a parent you have to be willing to let go a bit and give your child some independence. That doesn’t mean not having rules or responsibilities, but you can use it as a way to allow your son to grow up. He’s going to make mistakes and it’s likely he’ll achieve some great successes when given the freedom. Work together to discuss what each of you think is fair and what you each expect of the deal. While you may worry a bit at first, just remember that it’s a positive step in the right direction.

Buy him Clothes

While you don’t have to go spending your life savings on your son’s wardrobe, it is nice to offer to buy him new clothes once in a while. Shop together in the store and online. There are excellent options like Vingino for boys, which is a Dutch fashion company that convinces with creative children’s fashion. This thrills parents and children alike. To give the kids a lot of freedom of movement, they rely on simple cuts and casual silhouettes. A lot of value is placed on comfort. Boys and girls are always in fashion with the styles of the brand because the designs are suitable for everyday use as well as fashionable. He’ll look good and automatically feel good.

Encourage him to Join Activities

Boost your son’s confidence by encouraging him to join clubs and activities where he can challenge himself and meet new friends. It’s a great way to improve his social skills and continue to build his self-confidence. Let him know that if one hobby doesn’t work out that he’s welcome to try another until he finds what he’s looking for. While it’s good if he’s out of his comfort zone, you also want him involved in activities that allow him to showcase his talents and feel good about himself.

Help him with is Homework

One area many kids struggle with is school. You may not even know it until you sit down with your son and discuss the subject matter. Offer to get him a tutor or make time to study with him at home. The better he does in school, the more likely he’ll enjoy going and want to socialize with other students. He spends a lot of time at school and doesn’t want to be constantly struggling to complete the work. Make it easier on him by offering your assistance and keeping tabs on him to make sure he’s continuing to perform well.

Model Positive Self-Talk

One way to boost your confidence is to use positive self-talk. Be a role model for your son and practice this at home when you’re in front of him. Show him what it looks like to care about and love yourself. He’ll see this and be encouraged to do the same for himself. Remind him that the language he uses with himself and others plays a big role on his psyche and what he thinks of himself. Be careful not to use judgments and negativity around your son, or you may soon observe him picking up these bad habits. 

Discuss Relationships

One reason your son may be feeling uneasy or self-conscious is because he’s in the stages of building relationships, both with women and friends. He may be feeling low because he was dumped or because a friend let him down. Sit down and get him to open up about what he’s going through and be ready to share your experiences and knowledge on the subject. It’s a good time to bring up the fact that no one has the power to make him feel down but himself.


You love your son and believe in him, but it’s up to him to do the same for himself. While you can’t snap your fingers or fix his problems, you can be there as a support system and use these tips for helping him along. There’s not a magic formula for making your son feel better about himself, so be patient and understand it’s a process. This is how to help boost your son’s confidence.


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  • Jhoei

    This article is so right! I do these things to my kids and their confidence level is really good. I always thought my eldest daughter will be shy so I encouraged her to join activities in school and I attended all her performances so that I will be there to boost her confidence and overcome anxiety and nervousness.