Seven Effective Ways to Raise a Happy Child

How do you imagine the future of your child? You would give anything to see them growing up into an independent, successful individual. Most of everything, you would want them to be happy.

If you do your best to raise a happy child, you’ll set them on the right track for future development. How do you do that? We’ll give you seven effective tips to start implementing in your parenting methods.

  • Don’t Tell Them They Are Embarrassing You

So you’re proud when your kid does something cool, like getting a medal on any competition. But what if they don’t always achieve good results? What if they start getting bad grades and they don’t do well in sports? Some parents feel embarrassed. That is a very, very wrong thing to feel.

If your kids see the embarrassment in your eyes, they will feel like a complete failure. They will shut down. That’s not how a happy kid looks like. It’s the root of social anxiety.

Deal with these emotions. Your child is a person. They will make mistakes. They won’t always be best at everything. Encourage them to get better, but don’t show your disappointment when they don’t achieve the goals you imagined they would reach. 

  • Listen!

You want a happy kid? Listen to their stories! Trigger their imagination with fun questions and pay attention to their answers.

What do you think the stars are made of? A happy kid will start imagining all kinds of things. Encourage that creativity!

If you expect your child to listen, you have to show how that’s being done. Respect their questions. Give them answers. When they talk, listen!

  • Teach Them Some Optimism

Looking on the bright side of things… isn’t that what happiness is all about? People with a generally optimistic point of view find strength to persevere through difficulties, challenges, and obstacles in life.

Research showed that praise and optimism is important throughout the process of raising kids. That makes children more resilient and persistent when they come across challenges. If your kid gets the fever, you shouldn’t get all pessimistic and start worrying about the ruined day or week. Encourage them to stay happy. They will overcome this obstacle and a bright, happy day will soon come.

  • Set Some Rules and Follow Them Together

How do you envision a happy child? One who always keeps running and doing whatever crosses their mind? No. Rules and limits are necessary. How do you teach them to follow rules and still feel happy? Do it together!

Let’s say you want to teach them how to make the bed. The first day, you’ll make the bed for them. Tell them to pay attention and act like you’re having fun. Then, mess it up and tell your kid to repeat what you showed them. If they don’t get it right, show them how. Turn this into a game: “Let’s see if you can make your bed flawless tomorrow. Let’s race! I’ll be making my bed while you’re making yours and we’ll see who wins.” Of course, you’ll let the kid win.

  • Do Not Compare Them

“When I was your age, I was doing great at school.”

“You got a B? That’s okay, but you have to be better next time… What did Anna get?”

As a parent, you want the best for your kids. When you’re making these comparisons, you’re not doing the best for them. Many parents are getting assignment help from professional writers not because they want to help their children to learn writing, but because they want them to get better grades than everyone else.

Don’t do that. Being compared to someone who is getting better results is a very painful experience. Instead of encouraging them to get better at something, you’re telling them they are not good enough.

You got a B? Great! How about we try a bit harder, so you’ll be even better next time?” Now this is an encouraging approach that works.

  • Make Their Life Fulfilled

Teach your kid about the value of every single minute they have. When you notice they are getting bored, go to the park and encourage them to play with other kids.

Find out what sports or activities they are interested in. Support those interests. Together, you can learn new things every day. Turn it into an activity: what I learned today. When your child discovers what the truly valuable things in life are, they will be on the right track to fulfillment.

  • Nurture Friendships and Family Relationships

What makes us really happy in life? That’s what Harvard researchers were wondering, too. They found that it’s not money or fame. It’s all about good relationships. That’s the aspect of life that keeps us happier and healthier.

As a parent, you have a responsibility to show your kid how to nurture good relationships with his friends and family. That’s a rock-solid foundation for living a happy life.

How about it? Did these tips inspire you to change something about the way you raise your child? Where will you start?                                                                                 

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