8 Tips to Start This School Year Off Right!

It’s time for Back to School! Here are 8 Handy tips to starting this year’s school year off right!


1. Sleep Schedule:

About one and a half to two weeks before school starts, set your children’s sleep schedules back

to appropriate times, so they get a good night’s sleep and can function in the morning.

2. Clubs and Sports:

Get your children involved in clubs and sports. It will teach them time management, keep them

active, and let them blow off steam from school.

3. Night Before:

Have your kids put together their backpacks, homework, and outfits before bed. This will be a

huge time saver, and it will help your mornings run smoothly. You will no longer waste time

trying to find a home work folder or a left shoe.

4.Closet Clean-up:

Go through your children’s closets and gather all of their out-grown or ratty clothing. Now you’ll

exactly what each kid will need for back to school clothes shopping. It is also a good idea to

donate all of the unneeded clothing to second hand stores to help those in need.

5. Lunch:

Keep home lunches simple. Make sure you’re getting in plenty of fruits and veggies in every

meal. There are tons of ideas for lunches here: Lunch Box Ideas. Also, having a fun lunch box can

help keep them excited about lunch time.


Have a set time for homework. This will help your kids avoid procrastination, learn time

management, and become more organized.


Make sure to address any anxieties your children may have. Here is a great site that’ll give you

advice for helping them getting over nerves: Back-to-School Anxiety


Give your children a budget for clothes and school supplies. This will teach them how to manage

money and let them learn responsibility. Give your older kids a set amount of money and let

them add whatever money they have saved.


We hope this year’s school year is a success! What other things do you do to make sure things run smooth? We’d love to hear!

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