Entertaining the Kids Over Summer

The few weeks that the children are off over Summer is daunting for every parent. However, there really are things you can do with them that aren’t too costly and still fun for all ages. Take turns with your friends to have their children so that you get a day off occasionally but also the children will think it’s a treat to go and have days out with other families even if its just at their houses.

Baking or Cookery
Food activities are great to do with children as it teaches them not only about food groups and ingredients but also money and culinary skills they will use and build upon, as they get older. They will feel more independent and confident having some basic kitchen knowledge that will also inform other areas of their lives.

With younger children it’s all about getting messy and refining their motor skills with mixing and combining ingredients. Let them get creative, as they would painting or crafting (which we touch on later). After creating your masterpieces, invite some friends around to enjoy it together.

Pool Party
If you are lucky enough to have an outdoor poor then great, if not, buy a paddling pool and some inflatables for the children to be outside and enjoy. Get some music playing outside and let them invite friends and family if they want to. If its nice enough weather you could also suggest a BBQ. The kids will work up quite an appetite so hot dogs, burgers and some homemade lemonade to wash it down will keep them happy for hours.

Outdoor Party
Children love to create, so let them go wild and suggest some creative projects that you can do together. Hand painting summery scenes, tie dying t-shirts and making personalized plant pots are all fun, messy activities that are enjoyed best outside with plenty of sweets and cold drinks to keep them from getting dehydrated in the heat. This is another activity that’s great to do in groups and are accessible for all ages to enjoy. You may also consider them buying a trampoline to play

Zoo Visit
A zoo trip may be more costly than our other suggestions but is fun and educational as they can enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of real animals that they may never get experience of otherwise.

Depending on their ages you can also introduce subjects of geography as to where animals and certain species as well as ones that may be endangered or have adapted or camouflaged for their environment, all of which they are taught through schooling too.

Zoos and farm parks often give out booklets for children to fill in on their way around the park which gives them even more of a mission and focus, rather than rushing around to get to the gift shop.

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