Why You Should Buy Your Child a Tablet

This is one of the biggest dilemmas facing modern parents. While we don’t want to see our children glued to a screen and neglecting more traditional activities, it’s important to realize that tablets and devices are a large part of life nowadays. Children use them at school, they see you using them, and they are going to grow up with them. Here are some of the reasons using a tablet is good for your child.


Many of us live away from family and friends. Tablets and other devices are a great way of reducing the distance and keeping in touch. Phoning people is great, but when children are young they grow and develop so fast. Being able to see them on a screen is a wonderful thing for far away family. Children also love holding the tablet and taking control of the conversation.


Expression is incredibly important to a child’s development, and the more ways they have to do it the better. Children express themselves through play, chat, drawing, and making noises. A tablet gives them another way to do these things. This helps their confidence grow as they develop their own personality and interests.


Most children now start using an iPad at school from kindergarten onwards. It’s a big part of their education. While that doesn’t mean they need to also use them at home, it would help get them more comfortable with the idea of devices. Technology plays a big part of school life, all the way through education. Some people even end up studying a degree, such as an online BSN program, solely online.


Tablets and devices aren’t just about games. There are a great number of educational apps and games available. Educational apps are a great way for children to learn while they have fun and explore new ideas. The best way for young children to learn is through having fun and trying new things and tablets give them a fantastic way to do this. You’ll also be able to have complete control over the apps and games they download.


Moderation, like with most things, is the key. Tablets also give children a way to learn moderation on their own. Many tablets marketed at children and families allow you to set up parental controls, including times. Set your child’s up so they have to read or use educational apps before they can access their games. They’ll also be rewarded for hitting targets or learning new things.

As we become more connected, with many of us working or studying online, such as online BSN degree courses, and using the internet to communicate with far way friends and family, the world is getting so much smaller. Our children are growing up in this world. While it’s still important that they play with toys and read books, it’s also important that they experience technology.

While tablets are great, most experts agree that children (and adults) should turn screens off at least at hour before bedtime, as it is thought that the light can affect their sleep patterns.

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