Kids Can Be Huge Helpers

I was raised in a house where I was expected to do chores every Saturday. It was part of our weekend routine. All of us pitched in and knew that once the chores were complete the rest of the day would be a time for play or to go on adventures.

As a Mom I tend to take on all the tasks around the house by myself. I just do, but sometimes feel overwhelmed with how much there is to do. I know it’s obvious but I starting thinking why has it taken me so long to actually ask my kids to help?

Kids can be huge helpers. They love to show you how well they can accomplish a task, and even more so it helps them feel responsible. I realized I hadn’t tapped into those needs, so I started to look at how my kid could help me out.

After a quick internet search on age appropriate chores, I made a list of daily and weekly jobs for each child. Some sites suggest paying your kids for chores, but I have found this is not necessary. But obviously if it’s something you want to do, you could add that to the routine.

There are a few things that left me feeling pretty satisfied. I found that my children are very capable of handling their lists and actually take pride in the jobs they complete. I also enjoyed the fact that everyone has been pitching in and lowering my feeling of being overwhelmed.

I wish I didn’t wait so long to ask for my kids to pitch in. Not only do I need help, but my kids are now learning life skills that will help them when the move from home. Our house can still be a mess, but with all these extra hands everything gets done much faster now!

Do your kids do chores? What ages are they and what do you have them help with? I’d love to hear how you make things run smoothly in your home.

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