8 Ways to Keep your Child from Getting Burnt Out with School

We all know that children can get burnt out with the last few months of the school year. Kids of all ages want to take a break from reading goals and the stress of grades. Although, the last three to four months do matter, and they may need a little help.

Here are 8 ways to keep your child from getting burnt out with school:

  1. Pack fun, homemade lunches. Give them something to look forward to mid-day. Throw in some of their favorite snacks or treat them with their favorite juice.
  2. Talk to their teachers. Find out what subjects they are struggling with. Also ask your teachers if your child’s mood or demeanor has changed recently.
  3. Sign them up for spring sports like: soccer, softball, lacrosse, track, golf, swimming, and baseball/softball. This will give them something to do before or after school. It will also keep them active.
  4. Make positive long-term goals with them. Goals can help your child stay motivated. Just make sure you reward all of their hard work!
  5. Give your children motivation for good grades. We always buy our kids two books of their choice for straight A’s. You can also assign a positive dollar amount to each good grade and take away money for bad grades. This will give them a little $$$ for the summer months to come.
  6. Get them extra help if they need it. The little ones tend to give up easily if they struggle with something. To avoid that, find videos online about the subject or hire a tutor.
  7. Get them (and yourself)  involved in any clubs or class activities. They will be more inclined to want to go to school if they have something that they are needed in. It also helps the little ones to find their niche early in life. So go out and volunteer or sign them up for youth groups.
  8. Do something with your breaks. Spring break should be coming up, so do something with it! If you can’t go on a trip, do fun things around the house. Make sure to set up playdates or buy toys to play with outside.

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