Tips on Talking to Your Kids About Divorce


If you are in doubt or feeling a little uncomfortable about breaking the news to your kids, use the tips below to help you discuss the topic of divorce to your children:

Select timing

Choose the right timing, check on all their schedules and make sure that your chosen day is free from any important activities or events. Choose a day where everything is relaxed, and that there is no important events.  You do not want to make them feel down during most important or crucial days of their lives.

Address the entire family and keep it simple

Have the discussion in one sitting and make sure that all members of the family are present. It is a big deal, you need to make them feel that. Try to make it as simple as possible. Make the conversation straight forward, with sensitivity and as light as possible for them to easily understand and accept. 

Avoid blaming

Pointing your finger to the other party or to someone else is not a good way to tell your children about your divorce. Explain the situation but never make them feel bad or mad to someone. Blaming will just cause confusion, and possible hatred to your children.

Make sure that you explain to them the situation and keep things respectful. You should not involve your children with problems and misunderstandings.

Be open to questions and discuss the changes

Do not limit your children from asking questions, their questions should be answered. Let them ask you questions, to clear their minds and doubts. There is no better way to help them understand than giving them explanations and answers to things unclear on their minds.

What would happen after the divorce? Make them aware of the changes that may occur after the divorce. They should be prepared and not clueless on things the need to face. They need to know what will happen after; they should feel secure and not lost. Most of the children may think otherwise, thus better make them understand where the situation will take them.

Expect a mixed bag of reactions

You have to be ready for different reactions, expect hatred, anger, sadness and other emotions. You have to be ready and prepared to address them all. Although hard, you have to accept the fact that your children would have different ways of accepting and understanding the situation.

You may not be able to address it immediately, as some may need space and time for them to fully understand or they may not be ready to talk about it. Respect the space and time they may need, forcing them to understand and accept the situation is definitely not a good idea. Do not rush things and make sure that things are handled at the right pacing.

You may want to consult a divorce attorney for any issues or challenges regarding your divorce. They can surely help you and support you in handling different instances and situations regarding your situation. Seeking for legal advice is highly necessary to keep everything in line with what is needed.

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