Easy At-Home Exercises To Do With Your Kids


In order to be happy and healthy, exercise should be an important part of all our daily routines. Parents need it. Kids need it, too. But with the breakneck speed of life these days, who has the time? For many, finding time for fitness in a packed schedule can feel impossible. Of course, it doesn’t have to be; you can exercise anytime, anywhere – even right in your own living room! Here are a few suggestions to the whole family moving:

Commercial-Break Cardio

After a long day of work, school, and family commitments, you deserve a chance to unwind with your favorite TV show. But who says that time can’t be good for your health, too? Choose a simple exercise like squats or push-ups, and try to do them during a show’s commercial break. Get the kids doing it too, and see who can do the most during the allotted time. You’ll give those muscles a brief workout, then settle back on the couch for a satisfying, earned TV break. (Of course, this exercise requires that you forego the DVR. No fast forwarding those commercials!)

Practice Your Circus Tricks

Did you ever tell your parents you were going to run away and join the circus? Have your children ever said that to you? You may not follow through with that plan (here’s hoping), but you can get prepared – just in case. Who in the family has the straightest handstand? Who can do the most cartwheels? Who can juggle the puppy’s toys? Practicing these little tricks is a wonderful way to get a little exercise while still having fun with the whole family.

Jump That Rope

You may not have touched a jump rope since your days on the playground, but there’s no time like the present to get jumping again. A moderate-paced jumping session can burn as much as 10 calories a minute, which makes it a great way to burn off that extra slice of pizza from lunch. Also, jumping rope builds quickness and agility (it’s part of the reason boxers are always doing it), which is great for growing and developing kids. So what are you waiting for? Grab a jump rope, get in the yard, and reconnect with that inner child out in the schoolyard.


Get Zen with Yoga

Yoga is a great way to stretch the body, strengthen the core, and find some inner calm. Do you know who needs inner calm? Probably everyone in your house (kids included). So, why not help your household really relax? Clear a little space on the living room floor and try a few poses with the kids. Not only will an hour of yoga help strengthen your bodies and minds, this particular exercise helps to build up immunity, which makes it a great exercise to keep you fighting fit during cold and flu season!

Boogie Down

Sometimes, you just need to turn up the radio and hit the dance floor. And you’re in luck – dancing has been shown to burn calories, lubricate joints, and simply put everyone in a better mood. Whether you are getting down with a Zumba routine or simply letting the music move you, dance can help you get some cardio exercise, stretch your limbs, and most importantly, have a whole lot of fun.

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