My kids don’t have a social media account- on purpose.

I’m a mean mom, I fully admit it. There’re some things I just don’t let my kids do. Like any mom, I can pick and choose what my kids are allowed to participate in, and then there’re the things I don’t.  I let my kids have friends over to the house, but I don’t allow my kids to have sleep overs.  I let my kids drink iced green tea, but I don’t let them drink soda. I allow my kids to use the internet and email, but I don’t allow any social media- of any kind.

To be honest,  I just don’t trust my kids, or other kids/adults when it comes to social media.  We’ve all cringed at someones post and thought “What were they thinking?!”  And truth be told, we’ve probably done some sort of stupid post ourselves.  We’re all guilty.

kids social media

Posting images or words behind the safety of a computer screen can cause damage in the short and long term.  Its easy for future schools, employers, love interests, and the random Joe to do a quick search and see our drama, or worse.  Plus, we’ve all read the headlines where a child was abducted or assaulted via a social media experience; all very good reasons why I don’t allow my kids access to social media.  I just don’t trust my kids or anyone else. Period.

Kids can be sneaky and do things behind their parents’ back too- its part of growing up.  I try not to be naive when it comes to what my kids do online, and this is why there are rules and guidelines to our online activity.

  • No devices allowed in bedrooms during bedtime
  • All tablets have a passcode that only my husband and I know-ensuring that all downloads are allowed by an adult
  • Any device at any time can be searched through
  • Inappropriate behavior results in tablet time out

When the lights are out at the end of the day, all a parent really wants for their kids is to be safe, healthy, and overall just plain happy.  No matter if you let your kids have a social media account- or not- making sure they’re safe and secure should be top priority. Open communication, rules, and boundaries will make for a safer online experience, for both you and your child.


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