10 Fun Things to Make This Fourth of July Explosive


1. Make Some Decor with the Kiddos

Make your day even more patriotic by making some decorations with the whole family. The kids will have a blast and it will make the day super! Pinterest has some great ideas, you can check out what we’ve pinned here.


2. Throw Together Some Red, White, and Blue Snacks

Who doesn’t love snacks? You can make a variety of new deserts or put a patriotic twist on your famous sugar cookies or chocolate dipped strawberries. Red, white, and blue frosting, chocolate, or sprinkles are the way to go. Click here for some great ideas.


3. Protect Your Hands with These Sparkler Guards

Safety first while doing sparklers, click here to see these DIY sparker guards!


4. Wake up Early and Haul the Family to your Local Parade

If you can manage to wake the family up, going to your local parade can make tons of new memories. Watching the fantastic floats and collecting more candy than during Halloween will sure be a hit with the family!


5. Teach Your Children About the Reasons Behind Independence Day

Like any other holiday there are several reasons why it even became a thing. Make some time during the day to teach your kids about our country’s journey to independence. This could include our Founding Fathers, The Declaration of Independence, or The Revolutionary War.


6. Throw Together a Party for Family and Friends

Setting up a block party or a small family gathering is a great way to celebrate. You can put together some games for little ones, teens, and even the adults. If its warm enough you could have a swim party.


7. Celebrate with Fireworks

Go down to the firework stand and buy some fun fireworks. Giving your children a budget and letting choose some of their own may be fun. Make sure to buy some decently safe items if you have little ones. Also, set some time aside to teach them about safety around fire.


8. Make Patriotic Crafts

I can promise that the kiddos will have a blast making some crafts. Once again, Pinterest is a great resource for ideas. So grab your poms-poms, popsicle sticks, and paint to celebrate with the whole family!


9. Celebrate Via Camping

Going to the great outdoors can be a great way to disconnect from the world of screens and enjoy some quality time with the family. You can go fishing, explore the forest, and roast some tasty smore’s.


10. Grill Up Some Tasty Food

Who doesn’t love a good old barbecue? I know I do, and the whole family sure will. There are tons of recipes out there. Here’s a good guide to all of your dinner needs.




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