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  It’s been awhile since we have done a Giveaway! We are offering 2 lucky followers to get 1 Year of Kids Email AND a $25 Amazon Gift Card! Kids Email provides your children with safe e-mail – No ads, no spam, and choose who can contact your child and […]

Kids Email Giveaway

Bullies no longer depend on intimidating stature or muscular strength; their terror reigns omnipresent on the web and leaves nowhere for victims to hide. How can parents detect cyberbullying and whether or not children are falling prey to online attacks? To raise awareness about cybersecurity and elevate resiliency in case […]

Insidious Internet: How to Delete Cyberbullying

    Parenting has changed drastically in the past decade. Instead of dinner bells ringing children home, they now have cell phones. Social media has become an obsession and a favorite past time. As technology changes, parenting needs to change as well. Trying to keep your child safe in the […]

Parenting in the Social Media Age: How to Keep Your ...