In the Spirit of Giving

The holidays are behind us, and hopefully the mess has been cleared that was left in its wake.

There’s a few qualities about the holidays I enjoy, and I hope to enjoy them all year. Like the spirit of love towards everyone, or wishing people well, or the gift of service.

Service isn’t something to be done only around the holiday’s, and shouldn’t be.  Service makes us feel so good when we do it and it teaches us that we’re all human and on this planet- sharing it together.  We all need a little help once in awhile, and we all should HELP out once in awhile.

Service is easy.  Its just a matter of making an idea happen, and keeping it going all year long.


Here’s 20 simple ideas that could make someones day so much brighter.  Get your kids involved and see how many acts of service you can do together.

  1. Read to kids who are stuck in the hospital.
  2. Buy coffee for the person behind you in line.
  3. Shovel side walks in your neighborhood.
  4. Become a buddy of a special needs student
  5. Mow the lawn for a neighbor
  6. Run errands for an elderly family member.
  7. Read to adults in nursing homes.
  8. Babysit for free for a mom of young kids.
  9. Donate to a homeless a shelter.
  10. Make dinner for a neighbor.
  11. Petsit
  12. Make first aid kits
  13. organize a coat drive.
  14. Weed an elderly neighbors flowerbed
  15. Clean up litter
  16. Tudor students
  17. Donate diapers to a young family
  18. Organize a recycling drive
  19. Do pedicures for the elderly ladies in a nursing home
  20. Organize a food drive

Service is something we can do all year long and we should do it all year long. Not only will it make the one you’re serving feel good, it’ll leave you feeling good as well.

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