So tell me more about Ibbleobble…

Ibbleobble is a unique series of educational Apps that encourage children to celebrate being different. Ibbleobble aims to help 4+ year old’s widen their vocabulary, strengthen their problem solving abilities and heighten their word and number association skills. The different levels of difficulty encourages the child to ask questions and open conversations with you, extending the learning from outside the app into everyday life.

Ibbleobble includes seven relatable characters that are young children who put on their thinking caps to become their alter ego animals.  Ibbleobble is distinctive as the series of Apps and feature characters inspired by the Development Psychologist Howard Gardner’s ‘Theory of Multiple Intelligence’s. His theory suggests that everyone learns differently and categorized it in to seven groups, which we applied to our characters.

 Meet our characters!

We have tried to loosely intertwined theory in to our bright, fun and friendly characters.

Mr Mousey- Verbal / Linguistic – I can spell long words like ‘Chocolate’ and ‘Alphabet’

Lola – Musical – I love singing and dancing for all my friends

Fin – Interpersonal – I like to take a lot of naps and loves reading comics

Tom – Bodily / Kinaesthetic – I have long legs which means I can run fast

Nancy – Logical / Mathematic – I love to help my friends with their maths homework

Kelly – Interpersonal – I love to interact with people

And finally

Florence – Spatial / Visual – I like to express my creativity and I am good with shapes and color

How can our Apps help children?

By creating an easy-to-navigate platform using bright colors, relate able  characters and fun sounds – we believe this format will entertain but effectively help them learn. Best of all they acquire core vocabulary and maths skills without them even realizing it! We are firm believers of helping children learn through fun and play!

At present we have seven fun-packed Apps, (link to all carefully crafted with children in mind. Additionally we have four App bundles that make buying our Apps more cost-effective.

Where can we buy the Apps?

Currently our Apps are on IOS but we plan to create them for Android in the future. You can download them from the App Store here (link to starting at $1.99 (£1.99)

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We have lots more planned for the future and we genuinely hope you can join us!