Email is A Great Way To Say ‘I Love You’


Email can sometimes get a bad rap.

Some believe the further communication gets from face-to-face, the less effective it becomes.

With the increase of smartphone use, we sometimes choose to communicate more impersonally. However according to other research connecting through digital methods might actually be a great way to convey how you feel.

“The bottom line is that email is much better when you want to convey some information that you want someone to think about,” said one of the authors, Alan R. Dennis, the John T. Chambers Chair of Internet Systems in IU’s Kelley School of Business.

People use more expressive emotional language when communicating with their loved ones via e-mail compared to speaking with them on the phone.

“Email lets you take time to think before you communicate,” Dennis said, adding that the medium allows you to “edit your comments so you can carefully craft the exact message you want to send.”

So as Valentines approaches, this is a great time to send an e-mail to someone you love.

Take some time to write a heartfelt e-mail and send a nice message to someone you love. This is a great skill you can teach your kids too, have them send a e-mail to Mom,Dad, Grandma or Grandpa letting them know that they love and appreciate them this Valentine season.

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