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If a student is not fluent in multiple forms of media, I would venture to say that they won’t necessarily be considered literate. -Nichole Pinkard, Founder Digital Youth Network   What is media literacy? Media literacy is the ability to access, evaluate, analyze, act, communicate and create using all forms […]

Media Literacy and KidsEmail

  Has your child ever participated in bullying or been a victim of bullying? Odds are they have seen a classmate being teased or harassed. Kids can play an important role in helping those who are being bullied. Here are some things you can teach your children in regards to bullying: […]

Teaching Kids to Help Victims of Bullying

Since October is bully prevention month, knowing and understanding warning signs of those who are bullied can make a huge difference in the life of the victim.     Some signs may include- Changes in eating habits such as binge eating or skipping meals. Changes in sleeping habits and/or nightmares […]

Do You Know and Understand the Warning Signs of Bullying?

October is bully awareness month, where communities and individuals try to bring awareness to the issues surrounding bullying.  The problem is Worldwide and doesn’t stop at age, race, or gender.  Bringing to light the warning signs will not only help the victims, but give them a voice and power to […]

October Is Bully Awareness Month