Mom Dates- The Quality Time You May Need With Your Child

By the time my husband and I were ready to have kids, I personally wanted to make sure each child we brought into our home had quality one-on-one time with me, their mom. Knowing each child as an individual was a priority, not only for my own relationship with them but to create lasting memories in their own lives as well.  Its sobering to look at a new baby and realize you’ve got one shot to raise this kid- and as a result, the mom date was born.

I don’t get to do a mom date with each kids as often as I’d like to, but I’ll tell you what!  My kids look forward to our one-on-one time.  For each one of my kids, I set aside a couple of hours just for them.  I call it a ‘Mom Date’ so they know the time together is extra special, trying to focus on what THEY like.

Each one of my kids is different and so each mom date will vary.  One of my daughters could shop all day, while my little boy would rather go to a matinee and see the latest super hero movie.  Once we figure out what the activity will be, we go!  Breakfast or lunch out is part of the deal and we begin our little adventure.

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Here are some easy tips on how to make a mom date a success-

-Set aside time for just the two of you. Find a sitter for little ones so you’re able to focus on the child you’re taking out.

-NO ERRANDS!  This time is special so make it all about quality.

-Set aside the phone… both of you. Try not to have any techie distractions.

-Ask questions.  Mentally make a list of things you’d like to ask your child that you may not get to otherwise.  Open up and communicate.

-Try to focus on what your child is talking about. Engage in their enthusiasm or worry or whatever they’re discussing.

-Compliment them and make them feel like they’re your world- because they kind of are!

Mom dates are such a great way to check in and reconnect with your child.  Whether you have 1 or 20, they’re all individuals with dreams, fears, talents, and stresses.  They’ll appreciate the effort and time you’ve set aside just for them, and you will too.

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