Use Kids Email to Email Santa 3

E-mail Santa

It’s that time of year to start writing letters to Santa!

If you want to get your message quickly to Santa – use Kids Email to send your wish list this year!

Simply use Kids Email to send in your letter or wish list and you’re automatically entered to win an Amazon Gift card.

What do you need to do?

Sign up for Kids Email, and have your kids write an e-mail to Santa at: 

Be sure to have your kids watch for a response!

Every week until Christmas we will choose 2 winners to get a $25 Amazon gift Card. amazon 2

We want to encourage kids to use their email and practice their writing skills! Have them start practicing those emails and send their letter to Santa today!



What we love most about Kidsemail: The price to try it: FREE!!  And just in time for the holidays.  Put Kidsemail on your favorite devices before the holidays, OR, put them on the devices they’re getting FOR the holidays.


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3 thoughts on “Use Kids Email to Email Santa

  • alaina

    Hi santa i want a real kitten that is the color gray and white stripes and my mom is going to send a picture of one that i want just like it because i am very picky about things like that i want it pretty and things like that and i want 10 cans of wet cat food and a big bag of dry cat food and a can of kitten milk and one of them little baby bottles kittens drink out of to and a petsmart gift card 100$ one so if i want cat food it can take some money off of it thanks alot