7 Tips to Teach Your Kids About Email.

Its a rite of passage, like your child’s first sleep over or walking home from school without help- at some point your kids will ask for and need an email account.  But with an email account comes a how-to on proper do’s and don’t’s on sending out emails.  Just like everything else in life, its a learning curve.


When opening an email account for your kids, its important to go over some basics. Hopefully these few suggestions will make the transition easy and slick.

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~Just like on social media, sharing too much is NOT a good thing.  Set your child down and let them know that its not okay to pass around their email address to everyone. Only allowing a few contacts should suffice.  Also, make sure your child knows its not okay for their friends to share their address either, like signing up for various services or  random accounts.

~All emails will be forwarded to YOU the parent/guardian.  This way your child knows whatever comes into their inbox will be read by you.

~Sometimes emails aren’t from real people.  Auto-responses or error messages don’t need a response.

~Never send an image or text that you wouldn’t want grandma to see or read.  This is just a safe rule across the board- from emails to texting to social media.

~  Teach them the difference between CC (carbon copy) and BCC (blind carbon copy) and how there are appropriate times for both.

~They don’t need to keep ALL of their emails.  They can delete them and clean up their inbox.

~Make sure they use proper spelling, sentences structure and punctuation.  Emails are a little more thorough than texting so its okay to spen a little more time on them.  Remind them that you will get and receive everything they send and get in their inbox- so use kind language.

Emails are a great way to communicate, and with a little guidance your kids can be a pro!

 KidsEmail is a great tool for any first time email account.  Not only are our safety settings user friendly, they protect your child from unseen dangers. A Kidsemail account is a great way for children to learn how to use technology in a safe environment, where parents can give their kids a little freedom while maintaining safety and control.  Try it today for free!

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