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Has your child ever participated in bullying or been a victim of bullying? Odds are they have seen a classmate being teased or harassed. Kids can play an important role in helping those who are being bullied. Here are some things you can teach your children in regards to bullying:

Kids can interrupt a bully by asking the victim to play or do something with them. If they don’t feel safe doing so, they should get an adult’s help right away. When it comes to bullying, telling an adult isn’t tattling. Teach your child the difference: tattling gets someone in trouble while reporting gets a person out of trouble. Ask your child to think of grown-ups they can go to if they see a bully (like their teacher, coach, or counselor)

Encourage your children to say nice things to students who are teased. They can compliment them on something they’re working on in class, or invite them to sit with them at lunch. Friendly words can always help counter act the put-downs some kids deal with.

KidsEmail is a strong advocate of Anti-Bullying and we hope that parents can teach their children to be good examples and help any child who may be a victim of bullying.


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