Do You Know and Understand the Warning Signs of Bullying?

Since October is bully prevention month, knowing and understanding warning signs of those who are bullied can make a huge difference in the life of the victim.


Know the warning signs of


Some signs may include-

  • Changes in eating habits such as binge eating or skipping meals.
  • Changes in sleeping habits and/or nightmares
  • Injuries that can’t be explained
  • Fear of going to school or participating in extra curricular activities 
  • Loss of friends
  • Physical ailments like frequent headaches, stomach aches, feeling ill more than normal
  • Isolation
  • Self destructive behavior like self harm, loss of self esteem, or talking about suicide 

A victim of bullying can be any age, race, and gender.  Being aware of the warning signs and being diligent with seeking help will enable us to help those who are suffering. For more information and where to find help, please visit  


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