October Is Bully Awareness Month

October isBully AwarenessMonth

October is bully awareness month, where communities and individuals try to bring awareness to the issues surrounding bullying.  The problem is Worldwide and doesn’t stop at age, race, or gender.  Bringing to light the warning signs will not only help the victims, but give them a voice and power to stand up for themselves.

Most all of us have had to deal with some type of bullying behavior.  Whether its online or on the playground the problem is all around us and needs to be stopped.


Below is a powerful video of how bullying affects all of us.


Not only should we be looking out for the victims, but we should be helping those who struggle with bullying others.  All month long KidsEmail will be highlighting ways to help those on both sides of the issue. Use this month to educate yourself and start a conversation with your loved ones- and make a difference in this world-wide problem.

KidsEmail is a safe email service for kids.  Try it for free!

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