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Affordable Education just makes cents.   VIDEO:  What is Educents? Educents is an online marketplace for affordable educational products, providing daily deals to students, parents and educators by working with established educational suppliers to negotiate amazing educational resources at the absolute best price! Why is Educents right for YOU? Educents cares […]

Affordable Education just makes cents.

The Internet tends to get a bad reputation, and rightly so in most of the cases. Online bullying, pornography, identity theft, and various crimes can be blamed on our access to information and connecting with others online. While these types of instances can be rare, they can be incredibly terrifying. […]

9 Positives about the Internet

KidsEmail can be found on the CNK ClickN Kids Tablet 2 device. The KidsEmail app is pre-loaded on the ClickN Kids Tablet and ready to be used in keeping your kids safe while using e-mail. We at KidsEmail love the ClickN Kids Tablet because it offers great parental control features […]

Click N Kids and KidsEmail