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Goal Planning is something that is brought up time and time again. But when was the last time you sat down with your child and taught them this important skill? Kids can make goals too. From simple to complex, they help all of us become better people and achieve things we may have thought unimaginable. So it’s time to sit down and teach your kids about goal planning, and make those little minds more successful.

  •  Write Goals: Teach kids to write down their goals with a set date for accomplishment, this will give them something to plan and work for. When we write our goals down it is an external representation of our inner desires and helps give a reminder of what they need to accomplish.
  • Accountability: Teach kids accountability, accountability for themselves, and not anyone else. Teaching to stay accountable to their goals, allows them to stay true to their desires and work hard to achieve their goals.
  • Growth: Taking time to help kids make goals helps them in growing. They will gain much growth as a person by spending a few minutes to set goals in their lives. This is a life long lesson that can help them as they grow up.


There are many tips for teaching kids how to goal plan. Our friends at Biz Whiz Academy have some awesome tools to help in teaching how to set goals. For just starting out the Beginner Goal Planning guide, breaks down the goal setting process into easy-to-follow steps complete with age friendly and interactive goal setting charts and tools. And then for the older, or more advanced children The Advanced Goal Planner has great tools and printable items to help in teaching goal planning.


So take time to sit down and teach your kids about goals. You could even be an example and write down a few for yourself, you’ll be happy knowing that both you and your children are maximizing your potential as you work towards all that you can achieve!





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One thought on “Goal Planning for Kids

  • Chuck

    As usual, another great idea for our young people and other like minded individuals. This could even be worked into having more than one goal setter, setting goals for various projects. Why not a group involvement, goal setting project?