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The website is a collaboration between the federal government and the technology industry. The purpose is to each you how to safely surf the Internet.

The site has some tips for parents who want to monitor their children. They include:

* Check out sites your kids visit, and see what kind of information the sites ask for or allow kids to post.
* Talk to your child about the risks and benefits of disclosing certain information, especially in a public forum.
* Take a look at the privacy policy, which should say what the site does with the information it collects. Then you can decide how you feel about it.
* Ask questions. If you’re not clear on a site’s practices or policies, ask about them.
* Be selective with your permission. In many cases, websites need your okay before they’re allowed to collect personal information from your kids.
* Know your rights. For example, as a parent, you have the right to have a site delete any personal information it has about your child.
* Report a website. If you think a site has collected or disclosed information from your kids or marketed to them in a way that violates the law, report it to the FTC.


KidsEmail helps parents watch their kids online and keep them safe from predators. Feel free to email us at with any questions.

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