Touching VIDEO. We Love Our Teachers!

I think most everyone can think of one or two teachers they’ve had who went above and beyond what a teacher is required to do.  I’ve had two personally that really stick out in my mind.  One was my band teacher.  I had him for 6 years so I really got to know him better than any other teacher before or since.  Band teachers put up with a ton of mischief from kids and boy did my class dish it out!  But this teacher stuck with us, taught us more than the music written on the page, and left me with so many great memories!  The second teacher who sticks out as a ‘one of a kind’ was my Senior year HS history teacher.  The man was brilliant.  When he taught I could tell his mind was racing faster than he could teach.  His projects were TOUGH and his class was even TOUGHER to pass.  I passed, and boy was it an amazing experience.

Being Teacher Appreciation Day- make sure you let a teacher know how much you appreciate them.  Whether its for you or for your kids, let them know just how much you appreciate their dedication and hard work.

This news clip was made a couple weeks ago, but its so fitting for today.

Happy Teacher Appreciation Day!

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