How Do You Help Your Social Media Active Teen?

Social media, in all its forms, is present in almost every teen’s life today.  Just like hanging out at the mall or video arcade when I was young, social media fills the social need of our teens today.  While there are several positive aspects to social media today (instant information and current news), there’s some negative ones as well.  Being a parent of an internet connected teen is new to us, and as parents we’re trying to figure out how to maneuver this uncharted form of parenting.

Allowing our teens to have a social media account(s) is a personal matter, and a matter that should be evaluated with each child in the home.  Be aware that most forms of social media have age restrictions, and while some teens can handle an account at the appropriate time, some cannot.

Play it safe when it comes to online social media.  Below are some tips on how to safeguard your teen on social media.

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