Kids Email Announces Partnership with VISR to Increase Online Safety for Children

Kids Email and online kids safety technology platform VISR partner to increase online safety across email and social media platforms



Idaho-based technology firm Kids Email is announcing a partnership with Canadian-based early detection technology company; VISR  to enhance the safety of online communications for minors and their parents.


“We are extremely excited about our partnership with VISR. They have created an amazing technology that literally understands kids’ social media interactions so potential problems can be identified and parents alerted. Between our safe email platform and VISR’s social media safety net, parents will be able to protect and monitor their child’s online communications across many platforms and channels,” said Kids Email Founder Jacob Andersen.


VISR utilizes complex algorithms to identify and alert parents about problematic behavior including online bullying and sexting. In addition, they’re working with mental health experts to recognize signs of depression and other mental health concerns.


“While we work hard to build the best early detection technology, our vision of a safer communications for kids can only be achieved through close collaboration with industry partners. This Kids Email partnership is a fantastic start to that journey. We want to make kid’s communication safer one channel at a time,” said VISR CEO, Robert Reichmann.


“Today’s kids have digital lives, and parents need a way to help protect and monitor their digital activities. The online environment should be a place where children can learn, communicate, and have fun – not worry about predators and bullies. And parents should have peace of mind knowing their children are safe. Partnering with VISR allows us to move towards that vision,” said Andersen.


About KidsEmail

Launched in 2009, is a safe email service designed to protect kids ages 4 to 12 from Internet dangers including cyberbullying, pornography, predators, and email from strangers. The service allows kids to only send emails to and receive emails from people on their contact list while also allowing parents to monitor email conversations. Visit to learn more and sign up for a free trial.

About VISR

VISR (pronounced “visor”) is a new technology that understands kid’s social media interactions, identifying potential problems and notifying parents when they occur. VISR aims to give children the freedom they want, while giving parents the responsibility they demand. Kids Email is the most recent addition to VISR’s supported channels; others include Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Founded in 2014, VISR is based in Toronto, Canada.

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