Doing Random Acts of Kindness. Everyone Loves it.

Its February.  While being the shortest month of the year, it can also drag on and on.

The holiday’s are long gone by now but the winter weather seems to be never ending!

How do we survive these next several months until the weather starts to look up and we can enjoy the warmer weather?

Well today is National Random Acts of Kindness Day!!!! Doing something for someone else can brighten your day AND someone else’s.

If you have kids they’ll love doing this!  And if not you’ll love doing this.  Everyone does!



Here are a few suggestions to get your brains thinking of some on your own.  Try them out and make someones day so much better.

1.  Pay for someone’s coffee or meal- without them knowing.

2.  Bring treats into work.

3.  Send a card to a loved one for no particular reason.

4.  Give up your bus seat or a great parking spot to a stranger.

5.  Tape an un popped microwave popcorn bag on a RedBox for the next customer.

6.  Tip your server better than normal.

7.  Give a stranger a compliment.

8. Smile!

9.  Buy a meal for a homeless person.

10.  Send your child to school with flowers for their teacher.

Hopefully you can use some of these ideas, or maybe they triggered some creative ones of your own.

Make this month all about kindness.  Do one everyday!  It’ll make your day so much brighter.


Here is a link to more “Random Acts of Kindness” ideas. 

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