You Started Your KidsEmail Account- Now What? Some Easy Tips to Keep Your Account Active

Whatever the reason for doing so, you’ve just started your kids’ email account with KidsEmail.  Congratulations!!!!  We hope you find our service easy to understand and maneuver, and if you have any questions at all feel free to contact us!

We want your kids to stay safe through email, and being the #1 safest kids email service we understand that you, as a parent, trust us to do all we can on our side to make that happen.  Again, thank you for choosing us!

Now that you have your account set up, its time to get those emails sent!  There’s no need to have an unused account for your child, so below are some easy ideas on how to keep your kids active on their email account!



kidsemail account active


1.  Email loved ones!  In the parental controls under “manage contacts” you’re able to add or delete contacts of your choosing.  So get adding!  My kids love emailing their favorite aunt and send her a message at least once a week.  Have your kids email grandma or grandpa as well.

2.  Start an email story.  While your kids are sending out emails,  have them start a one line story that they continue with each email.  Or have the recipient add on to the story too.  Keep the story going!

3.  With our new app your kids can draw a picture on our drawing pad and send it!  Have your kids send a picture they’ve drawn  to each other.

4.  School updates.  Have your kids email their loved ones with school grades, performances, or exciting things that happen to them every day on the playground.  Have your kids share their grades and accomplishments!  Bragging rights are great for email subjects.

5.  Get to know loved ones.  Have your kids ask questions that maybe they wouldn’t in person.  Here is a great list of 50 questions to get started with! 

6.  Start an email book review.  If your child is a reader and loves books, have them start a book review with one of their contacts.  Once they’ve finished reading a book some ideas on things to discuss would be-  writing about what they liked/disliked, what they learned, their favorite part of the book, if the book would make a good movie, and if they’d recommend the book for anyone else to read.

7. Discuss movies!  Same idea as #6 only with a movie.

8.  Start a pen pal.  Do you remember doing this in school?  Email makes it so much easier now!  I have a friend who lives 2 states away and she has kids the same ages as mine.  We’ve gotten our kids to correspond with each other and they’ve had a blast getting to know these other kids.  Of course only do this with people you trust!  Remember to check out in the KidsEmail parental controls- mail monitoring and mail queue.  

9.  Try to keep the conversation going.  If you find your child in an email lull, its okay!  Try to spark some interest by sending them emails or your own with words of encouragement, weekend plans, fun reading suggestions, or whatever else comes to mind.

We know you’ll find countless ways to use KidsEmail and we know your kids will love sending and receiving messages.  Again, thank you for choosing KidsEmail!


Email for kids! Allow your children to use technology and stay safe at the same time. Sign up for a free trial today:

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