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Kidsemail2As we recover from post holiday stress one thing’s certain- getting back into the regular day to day  is a welcome relief.

This year my husband and I finally got on board and got our kids their own tablets for Christmas.  I’ve been reluctant to do this for several reasons.  I wanted to make sure my kids were old enough to take care of a device- like a tablet, understand the rules we set, and be able to use it without me standing over their shoulder the entire time.  Well, this year we felt they met all of these pre requisites and made Christmas morning very techie.

As my husband and I set up the tablets with parental controls, apps, and passwords- we also set up their first email accounts. Of course we used Kidsemail and are so happy we did.

Kidsemail is the safest and most secure email designed just for kids.  I know I can trust what my kids read in their inbox, making the decision to give my kids a smart device easier.

If your kids got their first tablet, computer, or smart phone this year for the holidays, or have one already, make sure they’re using Kidsemail.  Keep them safe from unwanted images, words, and contacts.  Kidsemail protects kids while giving them their freedom, which is something every parent and child wants!



Email for kids! Allow your children to use technology and be safe. Sign up for a free trial today: 

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Administrative Assistant at She is the content writer of Kids Email blog and helps manage their social media accounts. Being a mom of two, she finds it important to provide helpful content to other parents in hopes to help in keeping more kids safe online.

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