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Internet accessibility is everywhere.  Children now carry a smart phone or have a computer/smart pad in their bedroom and are on those devices for extended amounts of time every day.  It is speculated that kids are spending an average of 44+hours a week online.  While technology is rapidly growing and […]

Parenting vs. Online Invasion of Privacy

Partnered with CyberWise, Frienedy and Pocket Guardian we are having our first of our ongoing #digiwishes campaign, inspired by our Holiday Protection Package Wishlist. We are asking digital experts and those that support digital safety to tell us their Digital Wishes for a safer, saner, and kinder online world. How can […]

#DigiWishes Campaign

We are excited to share with you THE Protection Package for Digital Kids. We have partnered with some great companies to provide you the ultimate protection package to help in keeping your kids safe online. You can get each of these awesome products at a great discount (or even free) […]

THE Protection Package for Digital Kids