The #selfie movement is here to stay. Everyone from President Obama and the Queen of England, to Katy Perry and Brad Pitt, to good ol’ regular folks all around the world, the selfie has quite literally bombarded social media. We’ve perfected the way we take them, making edits and getting the right lighting or just tossing the photo completely and starting over if the end result isn’t flattering.



There are many positive points to a selfie. When people comment or like the selfie- its flattering! We all love compliments and need approval from our loved ones which feeds our self esteem- even if for a brief moment.

Selfies can also feed into an obsession…always needing approval.  This can come across as very narcissistic, especially on social media.  Extreme selfie posts can also affect relationships and intimacy IRL.

Teens who have social media account should be reminded to only post selfies they’d be comfortable showing family, and to NEVER take a selfie while driving.

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If you or someone you love falls into the category of over selfie posting try a couple of these suggestions-

  • Try cutting back on the amount of selfies posted, maybe limit it to one or two a week.
  • Focus on turning the camera to the world around you!  Find creative ways to share your day rather than finding ways to creatively share your face.
  •  Instill boundaries with all social media accounts
  • Never selfie while driving


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