How Do You Pick the Perfect Pumpkin?

Its close to Halloween and when you don’t have a Fairy Godmother to pick out the most ideal pumpkin for your needs, picking out the right pumpkin can seem dauntingly haunting.  Whether you choose to go to a pumpkin patch or to your local grocery store, with the right tricks you can figure out what orange gourd will suit your porch steps.  Trying a few of these handy dandy tips will get you the best pumpkin for your Halloween fun.

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~The Pumpkin should feel heavy and solid.  Even if the pumpkin is smaller make sure it feels heavier than it should.

~Underneath the pumpkin should not feel mushy or have any give when you put pressure on it.

~The coloring of your pumpkin should be equal throughout.

~Look for mold, wrinkles, and cuts on your pumpkin.  Avoid these defects.

~If the stem is green and firmly attached, its fresh!

Now that you’re ready for a family adventure in selecting your next jack-o-lantern, brew up some spiced cider and have the best Halloween yet!


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