“Snail Mail”- Go Write a Letter Today!

Have you heard of  “Snail Mail?”

I’m sure most of us have.  “Snail Mail” is the mail that comes to our mail box- not our email inbox, but that metal box attached to most houses or in a P.O. box.

At one point in time “snail mail” was one of the very few ways to communicate with someone who was far away.  Letters sometimes took days to weeks to months to arrive to its destination.

Thus the term “Snail Mail” was coined.  If you think about it, the anticipation of receiving a little letter in the mail is kind of romantic idea.

But this form of communication is dwindling… and it doesn’t need to!

While technology is a glorious part of our daily lives, keeping an old staple around is not a bad idea.

Have you ever hand written a letter and mailed it to a loved one?  Well if you have or haven’t try make it a goal to send a little note to your favorite person this week!

Here is a brief  how-to on writing a letter.


  • First, figure out who to write to.
  • Then find a piece of stationary that has visual beauty, or something fun, or simple.
  • Hand write a note or a full letter.
  • Place the letter inside the envelope.
  • Address the  envelope.  Place the receivers address in the center of the envelope.  Your address will be in the upper left corner.
  • Place a stamp on the upper right corner of the envelope.
  • Mail it!

The wonderful thing about sending a letter in the mail is you might get a response!  So keep an eye out and check your mail box.

Help keep the art of  letter writing alive.  Be creative and send that lucky person a handwritten note.  Go write and send a “snail mail” letter today!

Check out this “how to” video on writing a letter.

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