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Kids Email is doing another super fun giveaway for the summer.  Are you ready for this?  This is big!

Has your little girl ever dreamed about being a mermaid?  Swimming in the pool like Ariel?   Here’s your chance to make that happen for the little mermaid dreamer in your life.



Fin Fun is a great company- making beautiful mermaid fins for girls who dream of swimming with the dolphins and living the mermaid life.






7d683abe819ca0b3b7e356a31067ae64With a wide variety of colors to meet every girls needs, Fin Fun mermaid tails shimmer in the water like real scales with a realistic fin pattern, giving your little swimmer the appearance of a real tail.

Fin Fun is designed to place a monofin inside each tail, keeping the tail lifelike and sturdy, pushing your mermaid through the water like a real mermaid would.





Fin Fun tails are completely water friendly, so each real mermaid can swim to her hearts content.

Take a peek at their blog for more fun ideas and great color pages!

Go find Fin Fun on social media!

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Watch the video demo below…

Fin Fun is giving away

2 Mermaid Tails from their Mermaidens Collection


2 Monofins

Enter the giveaway information below and enter to win your little girl her dream come true!

Click here to view this promotion.


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