10 Safety Tips for Amusement Parks

The glory days of summer are upon us, and with the fun of summer also comes amusement park play time.  Millions of families will gather to these destinations for summertime memories and endless amounts of fun.   Kids of all ages (adults included) clammer to the high rides that splash, swoop, dive, and spin.  One key to making sure these adventures are fun for everyone is making sure that safety is implemented.  Here are 10 tips to keep safety a priority.



  1. Choose rides that are ideal for your child’s height and weight.  Don’t cheat the system – these guides are there for a reason.
  2. If a child is scared of a certain ride don’t force them to go on it.  Many injuries happen due to children trying to exit the ride or riding it improperly.
  3. Never ask a child to wait for you while you ride a ride without them.  There are too many things that could happen and that one ride isn’t worth the risk.  Always make sure there is an adult who can stay with a child.
  4. Designate a place to meet if you get separated.  Make sure the child knows exactly where this place is, visit it, and make sure the child knows what the parks employees look like.
  5. Make sure you know exactly what your child is wearing and their height and weight just in case you do get separated.  Take a quick picture before the fun begins so you have a current picture on you.
  6. Have children, especially small children, wear things like a whistle to draw attention to themselves if they need.
  7. Bring water and treats to keep hydrated and hungry tummies at bay.
  8. Make sure the rules to every ride are understood- especially where to keep hands and feet.
  9. SUNSCREEN!!!!
  10. Most of all…know your instincts.  If you are unsure- don’t do it.

Enjoy the summer season and soak up the amusement park experience.  Get spun and fly high on the rides while knowing everyone is safe and having the time of their lives!


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