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Kids are all about our devices.  Its what keeps them entertained while grocery shopping, going for a long drive, or to avoid fighting with siblings.  Most moms who have smart devices use it to bribe and maybe. just maybe, get the child to hold still for a small cat nap. (shhh- its fine we ALL do it).

Not only are those tablets and phones used to keep the kids at bay, we need them in our lives to keep us scheduled and organized.  What did we ever do without them?

Here is a small list of some mom approved apps.enhanced-buzz-18768-1389749880-4

Kids can play games and learn at the same time with this PBS Kids app.  Its the best of both worlds!  This is a free app.


Need access to symptoms fast?  As Moms we like to know if that bump or bruise or rash is something to watch or something for a doctor to look at.  And its FREE!


Stay organized and up to date with the daily to do’s.  Cozi is an easy and free app thats a convenient way to do just that- stay organized!


Challenge your kids with a new movie everyday that quiz’s them in the end.  This app is free, or there is a varied access subscription plan as well.


Last but not least… moms can have control over who their child can and can’t contact via email.  This app also has tracking, a drawing board and most importantly- IT’S SAFE!

There are so many great apps out there that make our lives easier and our kids entertained.  So go enjoy those devices and start downloading mom approved apps!

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